M50 Concession Limited has recently carried out an assessment of its carbon footprint and has completed the submission for the reporting years 2012 to 2018, which is available to the public to view on our website.

M50 Concession submits its Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) response for the sixth consecutive year.


M50 started to assess its carbon footprint in 2013 through the implementation of tools that ensure the on-going measurement of Greenhouse Gas (GHGs) emissions. To provide further assurance of the process, M50´s Carbon footprint is subject to an external third party audit in conformity with ISO 14064-3.

M50 formally joined the CDP in 2014 by responding to the CDP climate change questionnaire for the first time. Since then, M50 is using CDP as the corner stone to monitor and improve its environmental performance. In this sense, M50 is working towards reducing its carbon emissions thanks to initiatives like the change from a dry-salt to a pre-wet salt winter maintenance strategy. This initiative was completed in 2014 and resulted in salt consumption savings of 16%.

M50 has recently completed the assessment of its carbon footprint for the year 2018 and submitted its CDP response, please click on the below links to view our submissions and verifications to date:

M50 CL CDP Ireland Nework

M50 Concession Limited Programme Response Investor CDP 2014

M50 Concession Limited Programme Response Investor 2015

M50 Concession Verification CDP 2015

M50 Concession Limited Programme Response Investor 2016

M50 Concession Limited Verification-CDP-2016

M50 Concession Limited Verification-CDP-2017

M50 Concession Limited Verification-CDP-2018


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