Make your pledge to Project Edward ” European Day Without a Road Death”

To mark Project Edward we at M50 Concession Limited would like raise the importance of driver and public safety awareness. We have started our awareness campaign partnering up with some of our key suppliers through M50 Concession Limited’s twitter page.

Read below about each of our suppliers that are fully supporting us in raising safety awareness.

Help us raise safety on the roads by retweeting our twitter messages and sharing with others the importance’s of roadway safety.

We’re giving away special prizes to some of our lucky followers for helping us increase safety awareness.
Lucky winners will be announced here and on twitter. Winners will be randomly chosen by our in house Tweeter (Mellisa)

Other Safety Information

Motorway Driving Booklet
Mobile Phone and Driving Safety… Read More or View Video
View this short Safety Video for Motorway Driving
Driver Distraction can because of a serious accident or even worst a death…Read More
Driver Fatigue. Did you know that a survey in 2014 from RSA showed that 1 in 10 drivers fell asleep at the wheel. Read More