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The m50 upgrade

The M50 Upgrade Scheme was one of the largest road schemes to go to construction in the history of Ireland, involving €1 billion investment in 4 years. The M50 Upgrade Scheme represented a major enhancement to Dublin’s orbital motorway, including widening of the mainline between the M1 and the Sandyford interchange, the upgrade of the M1/N4/N7 interchanges to free-flowing systems, and the improvement of the remaining junctions. Construction works on the M50 Upgrade commenced in March 2006 and the final phase opened to traffic on 1st September 2010, four months ahead of schedule. The Construction works were delivered in three separate phases/contracts on behalf of the NRA, as follows:

Benefits of the M50 Upgrade

Significantly improved journey times into and out of Dublin including to/from Dublin Airport, Dublin Port and Dun Laoghaire • Journey times from M1 to the M11 reduced by 50% during the day • Increased road capacity which leads to improved traffic flows and congestion relief • More predictable journey times are improving quality of life for commuters • More efficient journeys for haulers and those using the M50 for business travel• Safer journeys for all M50 users • The upgraded M50 completes a modern motorway network and facilitates interconnectivity between Dublin and the main motorway routes to the north, west and south of Ireland• Improves Luas Red Line journey times through the separation of track and road at Junction 9 (N7 Red Cow interchange) • Modernized motorway network around the capital and linking to the rest of Ireland enhances Ireland’s competitiveness in attracting inward foreign investment • Contributes towards the Government’s road safety strategy.