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Our Operations

The Operation & Maintenance of the M50 Motorway Mainline until 2042 is delivered through the PPP Contract with the National Roads Authority in 2007. The O&M element of the PPP Contract is for the length of the M50 Motorway Mainline between Junction 3 (M1) in the north and J17 (M11) in the south, a total of 39km.

The O&M Contract includes inspections, surveys and assessments, asset/inventory management and the management of pavements, structures, landscape and roadwork’s, as well as liaison with third parties.

M50 Concession Limited provides a 24/7 Emergency response, as well as Winter Maintenance (Gritting) and Traffic Management. The contract also includes routine maintenance of carriageways, street lighting, safety barriers and fences, as well as grass cutting, landscaping, litter picking, drainage cleaning, sweeping & cleaning.

M50 Concession Limited is committed to carrying out these functions to the very highest standards to ensure the M50 is safe for the road users at all times and to keep delays to a minimum.

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