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M50 Concession Street Light Dimming Project

M50 Concession Street Light Dimming Project Wins the 2017 Small Business SEAI Award.

M50 Concession Ltd is the PPP Company responsible for the M50 upgrade works completed in 2010 and the ongoing maintenance of the M50 motorway until 2042. It currently employs 23 staff. The M50 Streetlight Dimming Project involved installing a power control unit at each of the 106 supply points on the M50 motorway and adjoining interchanges.

This is a viable and affordable alternative and an example of what can be done quickly to achieve significant savings. When combined with LED upgrades, it could prove to be a real game changer in street lighting efficiency.

 Although the dimming effect is barely noticeable to the naked eye, the project has delivered 43% energy saving equating to just over €300,000 annually. Similar projects can be easily replicated by other motorway maintenance companies.