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Breakdown & Emergencies


Motorway Breakdown and
Emergency Response Service

Freephone: 1800 77 50 50

M50 Concession Limited provides a dedicated 24 Hour emergency response on the M50 Motorway to provide a safe travelling environment for motorists. Our contractor Kelly’s Recovery will respond to emergency situations and should the need arises will tow vehicles off the M50 Motorway to safe location to reduce traffic congestion and increase safety for the motorist and other road users.
Our Operators are on hand to answer all calls relating to M50 Motorway, the freephone service can be contacted by calling 1800 77 5050. To ensure there is no delays in arriving to your assistance the Operator may ask for vehicle information, contact details and your location on the M50 Motorway.

All vehicles are manned by a trained professional and equipped to deal with emergencies on a first response scenario until the Emergency Services arrive.

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M50 Motorway map can be found here